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TRS was contracted for forced outage due to LP blade failure on a GE 320 MW machine. TRS completed a full disassembly, inspection, L-0 & L-1 re-blade, field balance and re-assembly and returned the unit for operation during peak summer months. More Information LP Blading Repairs Complete inspection of GE F2 Steam Turbine; Oxide Blast, NDE, Runouts, Dimensional checks & swing checks. Also completed journal refinishing, HP blading repairs and low-speed balance. More Information Steam Turbine Inspection TRS was contracted for a complete rebuild of a small steam turbine Control Valve rack. Scope included completed disassembly, cleaning and inspection, reverse engineer OEM parts, manufacture Stems, Bushings, Plugs and Re-assemble to OEM Specifications. More Information Control Valve D&I
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Turbine Repair Services is your one-stop shop for power systems mechanical, machining, electrical, repairs, maintenance, overhauls, modernization, and modifications. Our company is uniquely structured to handle almost any type of generating station service and repair.

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Trust the Experts in Turbine Repairs

Trust the Experts in Turbine Repairs